Ambassador Melissa Edwards

Melissa W Edwards 2ABOUT AMBASSADOR MELISSA: Melissa Edwards is an elementary Gifted Education teacher for multiple schools in North Carolina. As a big fan of learning and creativity, she believes that every individual is capable of creative thinking, even if they aren't sure how to best express their ideas! Before jumping into her current position, Melissa taught 4th grade, followed by gifted education, and then became an Instruction Technologist with the goal of exciting teachers about ways to use technology for student learning. Now along with teaching, Melissa enjoys sharing, presenting, and blogging about edtech and STEAM! WHY MELISSA ROCKS:

As a STEAM enthusiast, Melissa's interest in arts integration makes her a buncee superstar! With beautiful creations, great class projects, and an enthusiasm for learning, this gifted education teacher inspires both the buncee team and her students! In the coming months, Melissa plans on hosting a buncee PD session for her colleagues interested in edtech. What a way to spread some buncee love!


"Buncee is so student friendly, that the week after I introduced the tool to one of my classes, a student told me that over the weekend, she created a "Bouncee," while on the computer at her mother's office! Although she may not have gotten the name right, she was able to easily use Buncee to create outside of the classroom with only a little bit of instruction.

My students enjoy learning new ways to use Buncee as well as discovering new ways to express themselves! They click to see what happens and then excitedly share their discovery with the class."  


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