Buncee: A Student’s Perspective on Creativity and Learning

Buncee: A Student's Perspective on Creativity and Learning, by: Annora Elias

Before I started this school year, I had never heard of Buncee, a website and app used to create graphic designs and presentations. I played around with it a little, never thinking of the possibilities Buncee would create for my learning. Then, after only having my professional Twitter account (@iamannoraelias) for a few days, I saw that Buncee had partnered with Wakelet, a visual content platform used to create collections to add pictures, ideas, and presentations. As a Wakelet student ambassador with @cisdSWAT, (a student group at my school dedicated to promoting technology,) I decided to make a post sharing some Buncees I had made.


With the help of my teacher, Tisha Poncio (@TxTechChick), I used some hashtags such as #edtech to grab attention, and soon I was getting likes and retweets from the company itself. This was surprising because I had never had contact with any companies on social media before, and didn’t think what I had created would be good enough for them to share on their professional account. Soon I was on a video call with my teacher and Bryan Gorman (@BunceeBryan), talking to him about how I use the platform and my likes and dislikes. 

Annora video chatting with Buncee Bryan about Buncee

Chatting with Buncee Bryan all about my experience using Buncee.


Not long after, some of my creations were being added in a presentation to be shown at the TCEA conference. Recently, Bryan Gorman asked my teacher to interview me about how I use Buncee, and these are some of my answers:


What do you love about Buncee?

My favorite thing about Buncee is the collection of stickers available. The platform has a large amount of stickers, including animated ones, to make the creation more appealing. There are many themes, such as food with a watercolor effect, to make the Buncee have an aesthetic look.

Buncee with Tree and Inspirational Quote

A design made for fun and to gain more experience in the app.


What device do you use Buncee with?

I use Buncee with my school iPad to make and edit the image. I prefer to use it instead of a computer because I have easier access to the tablet than the library computers. I use my iPhone when sharing them with people like my parents and friends to show what I’ve made.

Spanish 2 Map Project Made on Buncee

A map made for a Spanish 2 project. We had to identify what buildings were next to each other and major roads.


How did you start using Buncee?

I downloaded the app when I received my school iPad from our Library Media Specialist (@DebZemanLMS), after seeing it on Self Service, an app store used in our district to make sure we download apps for education purposes. The first time I used it was to make a graphic for my school’s marching band (@celinabandtx) as a graphic design assignment in SWAT. I like to use it for school assignments and to gain more experience in graphic design.

Healthy Foods vs Non-Healthy Foods Chart

A project made for my Nutrition class. We had to make a poster for healthy versus unhealthy foods. This was my first time using Buncee for a graded assignment.


How have you inspired others to use it?

After posting that first post on Twitter, other SWAT students like @iamaverycamp and @thebradypoche decided to check out Buncee and post their own graphics. Tisha Poncio became more comfortable with the idea of using a new platform and has now made her own presentation slides that look better than anything I could make. 

Buncee of a Street with Partly Cloudy Sky

My first time using one of Buncee’s sticker themes. This is from “#andIcreate”.


What advice do you have for beginning Buncee users?

My advice would be to check out the website or app and explore all of the options the platform offers. While looking through the backgrounds, stickers, and fonts, think about what you could use these for in your life, like presentations, assignments, or just a fun picture to make for a friend.

Buncee is definitely my favorite graphic design tool to use and I look forward to connecting with them more and growing in my creations. You can learn more about them and get started creating on their website. 

Annora Elias 
Annora Elias is a High School Sophomore at Celina High School, Class of 2022. She is a member of her school’s SWAT Team, which stands for: students who advocate technology. She is also a worship leader, a small group leader, and a member of the CHS Band. She is a
Wakelet and Flipgrid Student Ambassador, as well as a Google Level 1 Certified Educator. 

Tisha Poncio
Tisha Poncio is a Secondary School Educator at Celina Independent School District. She’s earned her M.S. in Learning Technologies/Instructional Design, is a #GoogleET , and the creator of #studentsCANlead. She is an Ambassador for Flipgrid, Wakelet, and Buncee, and runs the SWAT team at CHS.

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