Creating Stories Together, On Buncee

The following is a guest blog post by Kashina Brown, the proud mother of two with a love for creativity and a passion for baking.  Her daughter Amaya is a 5th grader of Mrs. Perry and Mrs. Gevinski’s class at Pulaski Street School. Kashina lives by the motto “Live the life you love, and love the life you live.”

Learning something new is always exciting, but I believe it’s even more gratifying when your child can teach you new things. That is exactly what happened when Amaya introduced me to Buncee. We feel that if you are looking for a creative way to bring your stories to life, then Buncee is the way to go! Buncee offers a variety of themes and backgrounds, and includes the capability of sharing your creations with family and friends.

When Amaya first showed me the story she had created using the Buncee program, I was amazed at how user friendly the program was. It was easy to navigate each slide by following the simple on screen instructions. The pop-up tools also aided in the ease of navigation because it didn’t require digging through numerous menus to find the tools you wanted. The drag and drop capabilities were great too, because we were quickly able to add images and backgrounds, making any necessary edits with no hassle.

All stories have a theme, and Buncee enables you to choose from a variety of themes, images, and backgrounds to help bring your creative vision to life. I was impressed when Amaya showed me how many different options there were to choose from and that there was also the ability to add animation, which for her was a new and cool way to make her story more fun and creative. She was also excited that it included the ability to add web images and formatted text boxes, which would help to bring her story to life.

I am always telling our family friends about the stories that Amaya writes, but she is excited that now with Buncee she can show them herself what she’s been creating. Buncee has allowed her to easily provide family and friends with a creative visual to go along with her stories. By simply typing in an email address, she can now send the recipient on a magical journey.

If you are looking for a fun and easy way to showcase creative stories, then Buncee is the program for you. It’s simple to use, provides a lot of theme and background options, and it allows you to easily share your creations. What are you waiting for? Go try it!


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