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When I was a little boy, I loved Thanksgiving – the food, spending time with family, a few days off – it was great! But on the day of, I really enjoyed watching the parades! The floats were fun, and I loved seeing my favorite characters as balloons floating through the city. My favorite part of the broadcast actually came during the commercials, though. I was such a TV kid, and all through the commercials, I loved seeing the stars of my favorite shows breaking in to say something like, “From all of us at Family Ties, to all of you out there in TV land, have a Happy Thanksgiving!”

And for years, that’s what it was – entertainment was sit and get! If you wanted to create a nice Thanksgiving message of your own, you had to have some artistic talent, a video camera, or a dot matrix printer, and then it still wasn’t going to look very good!

Fast forward thirty years, and we all have the tools to make and share whatever we want, we’re living in an amazing time! Until I discovered Buncee, though, I had the tools, but I didn’t feel like making that sort of message. Putting it all together can be a real pain! That’s no longer the case. Buncee is such an easy way to share your message, whether it’s one of thanks, of holiday greetings, or as a way of telling your story. The whole point was to make that creation easy and fun, so it’s not about learning to use the tools, it’s about sharing your love, your gratitude, and your wishes for a happy holiday season. And now, you can make it look just as good as the cast of Family Ties did to me, so many years ago!        

It’s in this spirit that we got together to make our own messages of thanks here at Buncee! We have so much to be grateful for as members of an amazing community of educators, and we wanted to take a moment to share our messages with you! Join us won’t you? Make your own Thanksgiving greeting, and if you have a moment, we’d love to see it!

-Sean Farnum

Those are a handful of our greetings, see them all on our Thanksgiving Greetings Buncee Board!




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