The Importance of Digital Storytelling

Throughout history, mankind has mastered the art of storytelling. From cave paintings to the big screen and small print, tales of heroes and villains have captivated audiences for millennia. However, did you know that storytelling can be more than epics of dragons and romance? It’s true! Storytelling is vital to decoding everyday life and reasoning! In education, digital storytelling is used to explore student creativity, engage students in challenging topics, and comprehend and contextualize daily lessons.

Recently, we hosted a webinar with Dr. Jason Ohler, a professor emeritus from the University of Alaska, and Media Psychology professor at Fielding Graduate University. He is, also, the mastermind behind the term, “creatical thinking,” which suggests that we should encourage creative and creatical thinking together, and not value one over the other. Check out the buncee below and see what you can learn from the webinar!

 Click here to see this buncee!

There are many ways you can explore digital storytelling for your classroom. Transform a research paper into an engaging story, breath new life into your STEAM projects, and above all, watch your students’ learning soar. Embrace digital storytelling in your instruction and share your success with the world!

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