The Remotest Learning with Buncee

The Remotest Learning with Buncee
Education is one of those fields that is so incredibly convoluted and layered that, quite honestly, it can sometimes be very overwhelming. Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do. It’s a calling. I’m only saying that there is much more to teaching than meets the eye and it can sometimes be quite taxing. Then…COVID-19…social distancing…quarantine…remote learning…YIKES!
With the thoughts of reaching my students remotely dancing in my head, I was utterly thrilled when friend and thought genius, Bryan Gorman (@BunceeBryan) at Buncee, took time out for me for Zoom conferences that gave me a chance to bounce ideas off him and to get myself together for the Floridian foray into the world of delivering online educational instruction. 
I’ve been using the Buncee platform for 2 years and find it to be one of the friendliest applications for student (and teacher) use.
It is a tool that inspires fantastic creativity and encourages intense student engagement. Creating Buncees, students can be pushed to use problem-solving skills to generate products that demonstrate the depth of knowledge collected through their investigations.


Outside of use with my students, I have used Buncee to create flyers, business cards, and introductory pieces for new families or for new programs. Presentations have been created by me and my students that were shared at parent events. I have used it to collect information from parents or to create messages to and from students at Open House events. I have seen people who have made much more elaborate Buncees than I could ever dream of and have so freely shared their brilliance in the Buncee Ideas Lab.
There are mash-ups between the top current educational products and Buncee in the true spirit of collaboration. Believe me, there is an abundance of resources and capabilities available through Buncee that are all worth a great deal when looking for some truly student-centered interactions. The only limitation is your imagination!

There are innumerable benefits of using Buncee, the platform, but Buncee’s true charm is something that I think supersedes all the flexible ways that the product can be used. Buncee’s most special property is its human element. This organization is filled to the brim with individuals who go out of their way to ensure that educators and administrators are cared for personally. 
It is this personal touch that is so extraordinary and uncommon. I truly believe that Bryan Gorman, Francesca Arturi and the rest of the staff at Buncee are deeply passionate about helping educators deliver what is at the cornerstone for every true educator – reaching every child at their own place, in their own space, at their own pace. 
The heart and soul of the Buncee organization are its people working diligently to bring fresh ideas, collaboration, and a creative, student-centered platform that make it possible for us to shine in the classroom. They are so dialed into current curricular expectations, events, and needs in education that they’re always on the cutting edge for what educational professionals are searching. For me, this was a breath of fresh air amid so much insecurity and unrest. 
About Teresa Buckman
Teresa Buckman M.Ed. is a 5th Grade Math and Science Teacher, and STEAM Coordinator at Carrollwood Elementary School. You can find her at @BuckmanTeresa on Twitter.
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