10 Virtual Activities for a Fun & Productive Summer

10 activities for a productive summer

As the school year comes to an end, it’s time to start thinking about summer vacation! This time gives students the ability to explore their own interests and learn in creative ways. Encourage your students to engage in fun virtual activities to learn even while on break from school!

With Buncee, it’s easy to get creative and have fun learning wherever you are. While we’ll be sharing out more summer activity templates, here are 10 virtual activities that you can encourage your students to start today:

1: Avoid ‘Summer Slide’

Avoiding Summer Slide

Summer vacation is a time to relax, have fun, and recharge! But sometimes, students can “backslide”, making it difficult to get back into the school routine once vacation is over. Help students avoid “summer slide” with these different activities they can do with their family!

2:  Launch a Teams Meeting and host a virtual book club together!

Virtual Book Review with Teams Meetings

Host a fun virtual book club this summer with a Teams Meeting! Encourage students to discuss book reviews and recommendations through virtual discussions with their peers. Learn how to schedule a Teams Meeting on Buncee here!

3:  Start a Summer Reading Journal

My Summer Reading Journal

Make reading fun this summer by having students create their own summer reading journals! They can use text, audio, or visual to author their own reading journals. Then, encourage them to recreate a scene from the book using backgrounds, stickers and animations!

4:  Complete a Summer Selfie Bingo

Summer Selfie Bingo

Create a bingo board of different at-home activities for the summer! Encourage friends, family or colleagues to fill out a row (or the entire board) with selfies doing each activity. Then, share the completed Summer Selfie Bingo on social media and tag #SummerSelfieBingo.

Inspired by Buncee Ambassador Leticia Citizen.

5: Share About Your Summer Plans

Summer Planning

Have students practice their grammar tenses through a summer activity plan! They can use text to write paragraphs explaining what they hope to accomplish this summer, and add a video or audio to practice speaking in their target language.

6: Create a Daily Summer Journal 

My Summer Journal

Keep track of students’ summertime activities with a daily journal! They can use video, audio, text, stickers and animations to show what they’ve done each day. This is an excellent way to continue creatively expressing your students’ thoughts during the summer.

7: Go On Virtual Field Trips

You've Been Virtually Book'd!

Start the summer off with some fun virtual field trips! Teachers can find links to virtual field trips that are fun and interesting for students. Include the links in your Buncee, and share the Buncee with your students. Students can then click on the links and take a virtual field trip right from home!

Created by Buncee Ambassador Shannon Miller.

8: Connect with Peers Virtually with a Group Journal

Connect with Peers Virtually with a Group Journal

Have students connect with their peers this summer through Buncee Boards! Ask students to share their plans and journals for each day in a Buncee Board to keep each other updated on what they’ve been up to, and leave reactions and words of encouragement to their peers’ Buncees!

9: Plan Your Summer Days with an Agenda

Plan Your Summer Days with an Agenda

Practice time management skills this summer with a daily agenda! Have students plan out what they would like to accomplish each day, and track what they have completed as they go. They can add photos and videos to show what they did, and reflect on what they have learned this summer.

10: Form a New Habit

Form a New Habit this Summer

Encourage students to form a new habit! Students can write down the habit that they’d like to form, and the reward they would get once they stick to it for 21 days. Then, they can add a sticker for each day they successfully complete their new habit.

These are just some of the ways in which you can use Buncee to make learning fun this summer. We will be sharing out more activity templates for summer soon, so feel free to subscribe to our blog to stay updated on the latest ideas!

If you have an idea for a summer activity using Buncee, be sure to tweet it at us @Buncee, and share it on our FB educators group page.

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