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Dina O’Brien is a passionate teacher from Edison, NJ. She is currently a Math Specialist for grades K-5 at the James Madison Primary school and has taught in various grade levels for eighteen years. With a love for teaching, learning, and sharing, Dina is also a coach to teachers and loves helping students build their future-ready skills. She holds a Masters in Education and continues to professionalize her knowledge and skills through collaborating and connecting with other educators on Twitter and at EdCamps. Dina’s other pride and joy is cheering on her son who races BMX bikes at the national level.

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Dina’s zeal and enthusiasm for edtech is nothing short of amazing! After hearing about buncee at an EdCamp in New Jersey, Dina signed up right away. She quickly recognized the power of the tool’s creativity and flexibility, and began sharing it with the world! Through social media, professional development sessions, and collaborative efforts, Dina inspired her fellow “JMP” educators to get in on the fun.

Have you heard about buncee? If not, check out Dina’s buncee below and see what you can learn.

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“The students love buncee because it allows them to be creative. They especially love putting their own voice over images, text, and stickers. As they share their knowledge through the platform, they learn from one another and grow within buncee. The teachers in my building can’t get enough of the QR Code generator! They love posting QR codes in the hallway and on Seesaw. My favorite buncee effect, though, is seeing the smiling faces of all the students from Grade 1 to Grade 5. Buncee is trully for ALL learners!”


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