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At buncee, we love hearing stories of how students across the world find different ways to creatively express themselves using our platform. This story comes to us from Mrs. Ruane’s classroom in Edison, New Jersey where Shrinidhi Ramachandran, a fifth grade buncee Student Ambassador, shares with us why she loves buncee and what other students need to know to get started.


Bored of Google Slides?  Want to jazz up your presentations? Well check out edubuncee!

At first glance most people might say buncee is just like Google Slides, but I am here to tell you it is not! It is much quicker and easier to use, and it gives you more creative freedom. buncee provides you with free and creative commons backgrounds and images, which is great for digital citizenship, along with easy access to animations. My experience with buncee has been really fun. Through sharing and supporting others with the tool, I earned the title of a Student Ambassador!

With every project I did on buncee, I figured out something new. As I learned more, I started talking to my friends about it. Some of them didn’t know what it was or weren’t sure how to use it. This gave me an idea…I made a buncee about how cool buncee is!

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Click here to view this buncee

If you are new to using this awesome creation tool, here are some tips:

Tips on buncee:

  • Remember to name your buncees
  • Try using buncee backgrounds instead of web images
  • Use the circles on the right-hand side bar to change the layers of the items on your slide
  • Click the plus sign to add content
  • To add audio, click on a text box/sticker/animation on your slide and then click on the audio symbol – being able to record your voice is so cool!
  • To your buncee, click the ‘Share’ button on top and choose how you want to share your creation
  • Buncee auto-saves!

This is Shrinidhi, student ambassador from Lincoln Elementary in Edison, NJ sharing another way Room 1 rules at awesomeness! We LOVE buncee in Room One!

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  • March 8, 2016

    Deepa Selvaraj

    The blog by Shrinidhi Ramachandran was awesome and useful to the new buncee users.

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