Ambassador Natalie Krayenvenger


Natalie Krayenvenger is a sherpa of learning to some pretty amazing 4th graders at St. Paul's School in Brooklandville, MD. She is also ditcher of desks, a believer in all children, a Positive Warrior, and connected educator. You can connect and collaborate with Natalie on Twitter and Instagram by following @nkrayenvenger and on Twitter at @MrsKrays4th. When she is not coaching, reading, or creating Buncees, Nat can be found hanging out with her bearded husband and wiggly bulldog named Copper (see photo to the left). IMG_20150713_180618

Follow me on my website as well: CLASSROOM MOTTO: Make the world better than it was yesterday. PROUDEST MOMENT OF YOUR EDUCATION CAREER: Any time I have made a true connection with a learner and helped them to see themselves as I do: an amazing individual and learner, who can do and be anything! WHY DID YOU WANT TO BECOME A BUNCEE AMBASSADOR? I believe Buncee has enabled my learners to express themselves and their learning in a myriad of ways. It empowers them to help others learn and be inspired. I believe in Buncee's mission to give every learner a voice, and I believe through our words and creativity - we can all change the world. Buncee is a champion of positivity and embodies what it means to have a growth mindset. My goal is to connect other educators and learners through Buncee, so we can all continue to grow and achieve together! WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE BUNCEES?

 We used this Buncee to get our readers excited about a book tournament.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.49.24 AM

 I used this Buncee to present at ISTE about another great learning platform, Kahoot!

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.47.52 AM

We used this Buncee for an #EdBeat chat which was based off of music, artists, and lyrics. Being able to embed the music videos right in the Buncee was a game changer!

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 10.50.50 AM

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