Buncee for Schools & Districts + Google Classroom Sync

Buncee for Schools & Districts is now integrated with Google Classroom! Schools and districts can use their Google credentials to sync user profiles and roster information with Buncee. While our Buncee Classroom subscription offers Google Sign-On, Google Classroom integration makes school-wide adoption of the Buncee creation canvas & classroom dashboard a seamless process for educators, students, and administrators.

With just a click, teachers can import roster information from Google Classroom into their Buncee accounts. Both educators and students can then simply use their Google usernames and passwords to log into Buncee from any connected device.

Explore the “How To Google Classroom Sync” guide below to learn more.

Note that only Buncee for Schools & Districts users have access to Google Classrom Sync. Interested in getting Buncee for Schools & Districts? Request more info here!  

How To Use Google Classroom Sync

1) Once your school/district acquires a Buncee for Schools & Districts account, head to your custom domain to sign into your profile.


2) Sign in with the Google Account credentials you use to access Google Classroom.


3) Google will ask you to allow Buncee to access your Google Classroom. Select Allow at the bottom to be able to sync your roster with Buncee for Schools & Districts.


4) Once you’re signed into Buncee for Schools & Districts, head to the Classes tab of your dashboard. The Classes tab is found in the top left of your screen. Select the red “Sync With Google Classroom” button to pull your roster information from Google Classroom, creating your classes and your students’ Buncee accounts.


5) After creating your Buncees, if you’d like to use direct sharing to send it to your students – you will see a list of your Google Classroom classes listed under the “Share with Students” option found in a Buncee’s Share panel.


There you have it! Your roster is synced! Click here to find more information on Google for Education Classroom Partners.

Buncee for Schools & Districts is the Buncee product for district-wide implementation. You can learn more about Buncee here and find out more about Buncee for School & Districts hereRequest more info here.


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  • June 18, 2018

    Jane Hernandez

    Hello there ,

    I saw that you mentioned Google for Education here blog.buncee.com/buncee-for-schools-districts-google-classroom-sync/
    As a teacher that faces technology challenges in education, I find there is a need to educate teachers on what risks kids face online these days.

    I want to suggest you share an important guide which came out last month. I found it was very thorough on child safety online:

    I liked the way they summarized each section with actionable items for the teachers.

    Thanks for helping protect our kids,

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