Comments Now Available on Buncee Boards!

Add & Reply to Comments on Buncee Boards

At Buncee, we believe that feedback, collaboration, and interaction are key to ensuring student success, and the launch of Buncee Boards helps classrooms achieve just that. Today, we’re releasing another update to Buncee Boards to make it even easier to collaborate and communicate, no matter where you are. Now you can leave comments and replies on a Buncee Board, rather than just an individual Buncee! As classrooms transition to a remote learning environment, this update is great for facilitating:

  • Project collaboration
  • Peer reviews
  • Digital citizenship

& more!

With this new option, you can now create a Buncee collection around a group project with your students or in a collaborative lesson-share with your colleagues; then, share your thoughts and feedback on the board for all to see!

Learn how to add, reply to and refresh comments on Buncee Boards in the video below!

We’re here to help support our community in any way we can. Please feel free to reach out to us at For more information on how we can assist your remote learning classroom, please fill out this form here. And as always, you can join our Facebook Educators Group, and follow us on Twitter, so you never miss an update.


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