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Did you miss out on all the ISTE fun this year? Or did you attend, but need a quick refresher on the best Buncee highlights? Let’s take a closer look at all the awesome from ISTE 2019:

ISTE 2019 Educator-led Presentations

We’re always humbled by the generosity of our educators. This year we had the honor of sharing our booth with some truly awesome presenters who inspired us all with their dedication and passion for student success. Check out their presentations here.

Buncee ISTE 2019 Highlights - Educators

New Features and Integrations

Full steam ahead! ISTE 2019 only touched the surface of what Buncee has lined up. Thanks to the awesome feedback from our community, check out the updates we highlighted from this year:

Immersive Reader 
A powerful tool designed to support language learners, as well as emergent or struggling readers and writers, Immersive Reader will help your classroom nurture a love for reading and writing! Learn more.

Share Buncees to Teams 
Who doesn’t like working in Teams?! Bring creativity to the way your school communicates. Now your school can add a Buncee flare to any classwork, resource, or communication shared in your school’s Teams account!  Learn more.

Find Buncee in the Chromebook App Hub
Get creative and access the curated list of apps and ideas to spark creativity with Chromebooks in your school! Learn more.

3D Graphics Now Available 
Featuring a variety of categories – from skeletal structures, organs, and even geometric shapes, take learning to the next dimension with Buncee’s new 3D graphics!  Learn more.

OneNote:  Live Embed your Buncees
Love organizing everything? Now you can live embed Buncees into your OneNote account. With this, students can easily organize Buncee lessons and resources in one place! Learn more.

Buncee Ideas Lab
Featuring a variety of tips, tutorials, and templates, our Ideas Lab is your ever-growing hub of creative and inspiring ideas to help you and your students discover endless possibilities for innovating learning at your school, every day. Learn how to access Ideas Lab here.

Buncee Templates allow you to take your creativity to new heights! We’ve introduced over 1000+ templates to choose from, ranging from education to business, to personal or home use to help you get jumpstarted, no matter what you’re working on. Learn more.

A BIG Thank you!

We had such a fun time at the Buncee Booth, connecting with old friends and making new ones too! THANK YOU 💕 to our community for the inspiration you bring to our team & your classrooms each & everyday! Cheers to another year of awesome collaborations & updates ahead! 🐱‍🏍🎉🎁💓

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Buncee ISTE 2019 - What an awesome ISTE we had!

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