7 NEW Updates to Support Remote Learning

With remote learning in full effect, there have been plenty of new Buncee updates that you may have missed! Check out some of our recent feature updates to support your distance based instruction:


Buncee Remote Learning Resource Site

We created a centralized hub for all things Buncee & Remote Learning, featuring:

– Ways teachers are implementing Buncee in their Remote Learning practices
– Fun activities for families & learners at home
– How to get started with Buncee & more

Visit the Site


Participate in Hugs for Heroes

The #Hugs4Heroes project is perfect for students, teachers, and families to share their appreciation for the heroes working on the front line of COVID-19. Create interactive thank you cards and add them to this Buncee Board!

Learn how to get involved here


New Career and Frontliner Stickers and Animations

Search for “Career” in the Buncee media library for all the new, interactive graphics for workers, scientists, and more! Then, add them to your #Hugs4Heroes creation.

Explore new graphics here


Encourage Online Student Interaction

Have students interact with peers virtually by exchanging feedback on Buncees, or leave comments and fun emoji reactions on Buncee Boards to participate in group projects and class discussions!

Learn about commenting on Buncees
Learn about commenting on Buncee Boards


Free Daily Live Training

We have extended our weekly training sessions to be offered daily to support our educators with remote learning. We now host 2 sessions a day, at 12 PM & 3 PM ET, to learn how to bring Buncee into your distance based instruction.

Click here to register for Training


Translate Buncees in 60+ Languages with Immersive Reader

Did you know you can easily translate Buncees with Immersive Reader? This can help parents get engaged with their learners’ activities and progress! Learn how below.

Watch the Tutorial



Discover Buncee Video Tips

Tune into our newest series, Discover Buncee, where Buncee Gabby will walk you through a few tips and tricks in 2 min clips to show how you can use Buncee’s features to bring remote learning into your virtual instruction!

Watch the Video Playlist



We’re here to help support our community in any way we can. Please feel free to reach out to us at info@buncee.com. For more information on how we can assist your remote learning classroom, please fill out this form here. And as always, you can join our Facebook Educators Group, and follow us on Twitter, so you never miss an update.

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