Global Buncee Book Vol 2. Sustainability Goals

Global Buncee Book Vol 2

In the modern classroom, it is extremely important for students to gain 21st-century skills they need to become responsible digital citizens. This means giving your students opportunities to share their work with authentic audiences and encouraging them to collaborate constructively with others. Seeing the immense opportunity of this situation, educator, tech integrator, and Buncee superstar, Michael Drezek created the Global Buncee Book. It is a wonderful opportunity for students around the globe to connect and build a narrative, together! The best news is that you and your class can be a part of it!

What is the Global Buncee Book?

The Global Buncee Book is an exciting project in which classrooms around the world can engage in collaborative storytelling. Each class creates a page of the book on Buncee, continuing the story where the last class left off and adding their own creative flair. Students can use backgrounds, stickers, text, animations and more to progress the story. They can even record audio of themselves reading their page aloud!

Global Buncee Book Vol 1.

Last year, The Global Buncee Book Vol. 1 traveled a total of 23,208 miles cover to cover, as classrooms all over the world contributed their pages. The end result was an imaginative story entitled, “Abby’s Awesome Adventure: Journey to the Hot Dog Planet”, in which an adventurous young girl named Abby and her friend, Bunceeman, journey to outer space, having out of this world adventures and making friends along the way. 


Global Buncee Book Vol 1



Global Buncee Book Vol 2, Bunceeman is saving the world! 

How to be a part of the narrative! 

  • Create a free educator account at
  • The project will begin on September 27th and will finish on October 27th so classrooms can have time to participate asynchronously at a time that works for their classroom.
  • Visit the Buncee Board at
  • Read the most recent Buncee submission on the board and continue the story. 
  • Bring the page to life by using the audio feature to record your classroom reading the page they created.
  • The book will grow as classrooms add a page. 
  • We will track the virtual miles traveled from page to page. 
  • Please add your school name and location to the Buncee to help keep track. 
  • Have fun and happy creating!


This year, as part of Global Collaboration Week, you and your class will have the chance to participate in creating The Global Buncee Book Vol. 2! This year’s theme will focus on sustainability goals and will star Bunceeman in his journey on “Saving the World”. Classrooms can help Bunceeman learn how the simplest efforts can save the world by exploring before creating a Buncee page.

Where will Bunceeman go on his wonderful journey? That is a question for you all to answer as the book comes alive!

Participating classrooms will also have the opportunity to connect during this year’s Skypeathon, November 5-6, 2019 as the final book is shared as a full story.

If you want to learn more about how you and your students can participate, check out Michael Drezek’s blog here.


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